Hey, You!

Hi! I’m Shauna!

I’m the founder and creator of Modern Match Lingerie. I live in BC, Canada with my husband, Bruce, and three step children. When I’m not spending time with my family, I’m a business owner and newly self-discovered blogger. Modern Match Lingerie was created to share my love of helping others be their best self



November 16, 2019

Peeling Back the Layers

I spend a lot of time writing posts about self-love. Encouraging women to nurture themselves so we can show up in our relationships intentionally and…
March 30, 2019

The Box that tells us to “Stay Put”

November 23rd was the day I kicked the door open to the next chapter in my professional life and it has been AMAZING so far!…
February 23, 2019

When It’s Worth Fighting For

In my life, I’ve had two life coaches. If you haven’t invested into a life coach, it’s time for you to get out from under…
January 21, 2019

3 Tips for effective communication

Communication is a necessary evil that even the most angelic struggle with. As a young girl, my Dad always told me, “you can’t change people,…