For the Love of Bras

I’ve been putting my bra on wrong… you probably are, too.

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There are many sites out there who claim to know the proper way to put on a bra. I am curious- how were you taught?

While I cannot recall if I learned this seemingly simple task from my mom, or I figured it out on my own, it remains unchanged since the day I needed a bra. My method, (unchanged), is to put the bra on backwards, clasping it in front of me.  I then twist it around and slip my arms through the straps. Simple, right?

Recently one of my step–daughters, Ashley, posed a question to me. “How DO you put a bra on?” Ashley said she would slip on the straps and reach behind her to fasten up the bra. The mere thought of reaching behind me trying to line up the eyehooks seemed like a waste of time and really got my anxiety up. Does the same rule of reaching behind you apply for a bra with more than 3 eyehooks?

However, If you take the advice of high-end lingerie stores (and WikiHow), they stress the importance of not tugging and pulling on your expensive lingerie more than necessary. This was my first lesson in Bra 101 from my beautiful step-daughter!

The Swoop and Scoop is a final step to achieving the best fit for you!  It sounds more fun than it actually is, but you’ll thank me later. Also, if you put your bra on and find you have a gapping cup, this is a great method to apply prior to tossing the bra in the donation bin.

Ladies, we are WAY too busy saving the world to worry about being uncomfortable. So, rather than waste time researching all of the methods out there, follow these simple steps to ensure your bra fits securely and comfortably.  Also, check out my FREE Ebook for more detailed info on this subject. After all, there is nothing worse than walking around all day wearing a bra that does not fit right.

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